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Rose Quartz Heart Necklace and chain INSIDE THE GIFT BOX. Rose Quartz Stone Heart Size 2 cm

Note: Since natural stones do not appear in the same color and refraction in nature, the refraction and color tones of the stones may differ. The effects of natural stones have been scientifically proven and the effect rates may vary from person to person. Our product is 100% natural stone



Valuable stones between love stone, love magnet became famous. It is the stone of Love, Affection, Peace and Compassion. It is a recommended crystal for those who are looking for love, those who want to revitalize and deepen their current relationship, or just want to add a little more love to their life. When love is mentioned, it should not be thought of as the love felt for another person only. It is used for self-love.



Rose quartz crystal has a soothing effect and relaxes the heart. It reduces emotional pain and distress. The names of quartz crystals vary according to their colors, and the other name of pink quartz is love crystal. It is known that people who wear them feel less emotions such as anger and jealousy. Along with relaxation and peace, you feel at ease with the confidence in the crystal.


  • It renews body cells, therefore it both treats diseases and increases the body's resistance.
  • It provides inner peace and harmony.
  • It keeps the systems of organs such as kidney, lung, liver, heart healthy.
  • Heals wounds, angina, asthma and visual disturbances.
  • It attracts love, strengthens existing relationships.
  • It is good for depression. It allows the person to value himself and gives a sense of self-confidence.
  • It makes you love life.
  • If you're stuck with negativity from the past, it can help you replace those dark feelings with more positive thoughts.
  • It destroys the negative energy around you and collects the positive energy.
  • It is an emotional stabilizer. It stimulates brain functions.
  • Provides protection against loss of strength and vitality.
  • It collects the radiation emitted from devices such as wireless modems, cell phones, and walkie-talkies. Like other quartz group stones, it cleans EMF - Electromagnetic Field. (However, the most effective crystals in this area are quartz, shungite and black tourmaline.)
  • It strengthens mental concentration.
  • When carried under clothing by touching the skin, it protects the person from the negative energy in the environment.
  • If you are in an environment with positive people, wear your stone visibly. Thus, it collects the positive energy of the people around you.
  • It is known for its anti-stress and anti-stress properties. It is recommended to be used against stress.
  • It has a headache relieving feature.
  • It keeps the digestive and blood circulation system healthy and heals if sick.

·It is healthy for the eye. Eagle gives vision and strength.




Rose Quartz Natural Stone Heart Cut Necklace In Gift Box

SKU: 3
₺269.00 Regular Price
₺238.00Sale Price
Colour: Pink
  • If you are sending it as a gift, we can make a gift note card or label. Label, gift note in the gift note section while creating the order. You can write card information.

    Silver plated Chain is for women, leather suede is for men. Depending on your request, we ship with leather suede or silver chain. During the order, you can write whether you want a silver plated chain or a leather suede chain in the Special requests section.

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